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What about Benchlearning at Pôle Emploi?

Interview with Jean Bassères


The term “Benchlearning” defines a process, in which a systematic and integrated connection of performance comparisons and measures of mutual learning are created in order to identify good practices by indicator based, comparative learning systems.

  1. Benchlearning is the implementation of an evidence-based learning process in which a systematic connection between performance comparisons and measures of mutual learning is created.
  2. To intensify the process of mutual learning of the European Public Employment Services (PES), a process of increased “learning from each other“ will be promoted.

The integrated Benchlearning includes:

  • Promotion of the (quantitative and qualitative) performance comparisons between all PES of the network
  • Systematic identification of good practices
  • Making use of these findings for mutual learning
  • Initiation of structural reforms

Benchlearning as a task of the PES-network

One of the main tasks of the PES-network is to conduct Benchlearning – to enable effective and mutual learning by best-practice-examples with relevant benchmarks.

The objective is to improve the efficiency of the PES and their provision of services and thereby to contribute to the securing of employment and the reduction of unemployment.

A task force in the PES-network, deals with the further development of Benchlearning - including the concept, the methods, the processes as well as the control for the qualitative evaluation of performance enabler.

The Benchlearning-concept was decided unanimously at the meeting the of the PES-Board in Rome (December 2014).

In March 2015, the implementation of the Benchlearning-concept was defined clearly. New working methods, products as well as details for the implemenation of the Benchlearning are to be set (in accordance with the annual working programme).

The PES-members report annually on the initiatives to the Board. The annual report is delivered to the European Parliament and Council and published.

The European Commission assesses the implementation status of the decision and of the Benchlearning and reports to the European Parliament, Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions until June 2017.

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