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Competence-based matching

VDAB give on thursday, december 1ste a webinar concerning competence-based matching. At that time they launch also a website with information.
You can find the website here

PES Expertise for Labour Market Indicators

Public Employment Services in Europe have comprehensive expertise for local labour markets at their disposal. A new example from Germany, the “IAB Labour Market Barometer”, demonstrates how this can be used as input for leading indicators of the labour market.
Find more information here

5th Board Meeting in Amsterdam – Changes at the top of the Board

The 5th Meeting of the PES Board took place in Amsterdam on June 27th and 28th. Besides serveral topics concerning different aspects of labour markets in Europe, there were changes at the top of the Board. After two years in office, Frank Weise vacate the chair of the Board to Mr Fons Leroy, Head of the PES of VDAB Belgium. The new vice chair is Mrs Tuija Oivo from Finland. See some impressions of the meeting below.
Impressions of Amsterdam

European Employers Day took place all over Europe

The first European Employers' Day was taking place in all EU Member States (including Iceland and Norway) in April 2016. On April 13th, a press conference at Eddy Merckx cycles, a small enterprise in Brussels, has been held, where EU Commissioner Marianne Thyssen, PES-Chair Frank Weise and VDAB-CEO Fons Leroy presented the main results. Ilse van Calster, HR-Manager at Eddy Merckx Cycles, stressed the importance of the public employment services for her company.
Impressions from the press conference
More informations:

Meeting of VDAB with Commissioner Thyssen

On May 9th, Fons Leroy, managing director of VDAB, met Commissioner Thyssen and presented her a 'declaration of love for the European labour market'. Based upon the PES 2020 strategy the declaration advocates for more coordinated effort on a European level and between member states in order to offer sustainable solutions to the issues Europe is confronted with today.
To Marianne Thyssen - A declaration of love for the European labour market (PDF)

Contribution to the 10th WAPES World Congress

The First Vice-Chair, Ankica Paun Jarallah represented the European PES Network at the Key Note Panel: An Insight into the New World of Work at the WAPES World Congress in Istanbul on May the 6th. She presented the work of our network as good practice of regional collaboration and mutual learning.
Public employment Services and the New World of Work - Congress Program

Meeting of the Chair with Vice-President Jyrki Katainen

On March 30th, the Chair, Frank Weise met the EU-Commission’s Vice-President Jyrki Katainen. They agreed that investing in structural reforms and building capacities, particularly in public administration – is a priority and that the benchlearning approach of the PES network can give an important contribution to achieving this result. This meeting has been a follow-up of a first meeting with Vice-President Katainen in Berlin on January 29th.

What has happened in Member PES – some examples

+++ Kick off meeting “Your First EURES job - Targeted Mobility +++
From 13 to 15 April 2015, the Kick off meeting of “Your First EURES job - Targeted Mobility scheme ” was held in Rome. The project is funded by The EU Program for Employment and Social Innovation from 2015 to 2017. It is run by the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies in cooperation with the coordinators of national PES and EURES services, eight Member States (DE, ES, FR CY, CZ, HR, IE, PT) and 29 other associated organizations.
Your first EURES Job (YfEJ)

+++ Celebrating success – Awarding the best – PES-intern honouring of good practice +++
For more than ten years now, AMS Austria has been holding a „Best of AMS-Award“-Ceremony: The best regional offices and units are awarded a prize in certain categories. Learning from Austria, this year the BA followed suit and organized its first award party in Germany.

In their function as Board Member our colleagues also present at European conferences


+++ 25th of June, Wolfgang Müller at the conference in the European Parliament on the: Getting young people into work: Comparative approaches in the EU and beyond +++


+++ 11th of March, Ankica Paun at the Conference of the European Employment and Social Committee: Taking action on long-term unemployment: National and European perspectives +++

+++ 24th of March, Fons Leroy at the Public Policy Exchange: Employment and Social Inclusion in Europe: ways forward for the young jobless generation +++

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